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Are you looking to add a nice touch to your bathroom with a replacement bath, a new shower, or a full bathroom remodeling project?


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Are you looking to add a nice touch to your bathroom with a replacement bath, a new shower, or another bathroom remodeling project? Choosing the right company can be the difference between adding value and style to your home and feeling let down by the results. Bath Kingz customer-focused service, competitive prices, and proven commitment to quality ensure you’ll get exceptional value for your home-improvement dollar and that you’ll love the final results. We have years of experience with remodeling bathrooms of all sorts. Converting your current bathroom into a place you can enjoy looking at is something we pride ourselves in.

Not All Showers Are Created Equal

Why choose stone for your shower remodel? Our Collection has been around since 1985 and we are the leading manufacturer of solid surface bathroom products. Our stone wall panels are professionally designed and custom shaped to fit your bathrooms specific requirements. Our stone is made of a very unique material. Our wall panels offer an elegant luxury in modern bathrooms. The beautiful solid surface of the material works well with glass, concrete, steel and more… Thanks to its durability, you can use the onyx stone on backsplashes, shower bases, lavatories tub surrounds, vanity tops and wall panels. Our onyx shower panels provide a flawless finish, are waterproof and far more hygenic compared to other options available. They eliminate all problems associated with GROUT such as mold and mildew, and make for a very low maintenance shower. We take pride in our product and have certified installers install all of our jobs. Onyx comes in over 75 different colors and 4 unique different wall styles to choose from. Wall styles include a smooth gloss finish, wavy style, subway tile and stone tile finish. We do not use grout at all. 

How do we compare to others

Acrylic showers are certainly a cheaper option when remodeling a bathroom. One of my favorite saying is “Good stuff ain’t cheap and cheap stuff ain’t good”. Choosing to go with this option is great if you are flipping a home or on a budget. When comparing you will find out that acrylic walls are 1/8 inch thick compared to a 5/8 Wall Panel. Acrylic after years of cleaning with chemical will lose its protective coating and start to lose color and fade. Also the acrylic will get brittle after awhile and will eventually lose its integrity eventually. Acrylic shower will usually have a lifespan of around 10-12 years. The base of an acrylic shower is made of a fiberglass/acrylic and is put down and spray foamed underneath to fill gaps. When doing this it can create soft spots and creaking in the base. The shower bases you will usually find to be a basic shower measurement 60×30-32 and cannot be made custom. Our stone product can be custom to whatever measurement needed to fit the customers needs, and being a solid surface our base is by far the best in the industry. One of the cons of acrylic are limited styles and designs and may affect resale value. On the other hand, since its style and appeal are quite limited, it might affect your home’s resale value if you ever plan on selling in the future. This is because some potential buyers might be put off by it and may not find it as attractive as they would our tile enclosure.



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Bathroom Remodeling + Time + Money = A Lot Of Unneeded Stress For You.

When we start a home improvement project at Bathkingz, we want to do whatever we can to remove as much stress for you!

One of the added stresses of bathroom remodeling is the coming up with money for the project. Whether you’re interested in adding a shower replacement or remodeling your bath, we offer a variety of financing options to assist you in making your dream bathroom a reality.

We’ll find the right Bathroom Remodel Financing Option for your project. We want you to get the best deal possible, so we provide FREE, no obligation consultations on your next bath remodel loans.
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